Heart Disease in Ancient Civilization

Researchers have found atherosclerosis in one-third of ancient mummies that they have discovered and it's surprising to hear that this is the same rate of the disease as we have in modern times. (more…)

Absolutism in Healthcare

When it comes to health, it’s all based on odds, not guarantees. Anyone who makes health claims about the effectiveness of certain supplements to prevent cancer is making false claims. (more…)

Raw Sewage Adding to Beach Pollution

Over 3.5 million people get sick every year after coming into contact with raw sewage at the beach, making beach pollution a big concern. (more…)

Organic Food Definition and Studies

Jon Barron considers recent food studies that test the definition of the organic food definition and the differences between organic and conventional food. (more…)

Noise and Your Health

Not all sound enhances health and happiness in the way that music does. In fact, constant exposure to noise over time can impair health far beyond the obvious issue of possible hearing loss. A few years ago, studies found that airport noise increases the risk of stroke. Other studies have found that the type of quiet background buzz we hear in offices can impair cognitive function. And now, new research has determined that traffic sounds increase heart attack risk, and by a substantial margin. Jon Barron discusses the cardiovascular health affects of traffic noise that will make you more aware of the sound environment around you.

Yoga therapy study gives hope to stroke victims

People who have had strokes experience symptoms such as difficulty or loss of speech, weakness of limbs, and balance difficulties. A recent study on the benefits of yoga conducted (by) the VA Medical Center of Indiana found that yoga can lessen stroke symptoms, especially balance difficulties. (more…)

Studies Show Doctor Patient Communication Low, Physician Burnout High

Did you know that if a doctors spends just an extra 45 seconds with a patient, the risk of litigation for medical malpractice greatly decreases? What can a doctor do with an extra 45 seconds? Proper doctor patient communication for one. (more…)

Risk of Bacteria Infection Due to Beach Pollution

Jaws isn’t the only predator lurking in the water. Beach pollution in the form of bacteria too small to see with the naked eye can cause harmful bacterial infections--not exactly the souvenir you want from a trip to the shore. 


The Cost of Work Injuries and High Stress Jobs

According to this podcast and corresponding blog post on work injuries, out of 8 million work-related injuries and 500 thousand work-related sickness, work caused 59,000 deaths in 2010 alone. Of course these numbers cover only reported work injuries, illnesses and deaths. There are bound to be many more incidents from occupational hazards that were not reported. (more…)

Manufacturing Nutritional Supplements

If you are struggling to determine what supplements you should be taking, this segment will eliminate your confusion. Jon reviews important keys to watch for when examining labels and help you understand natural verses synthetic ingredients.

Treating Depression: Drugs vs Exercise

A recent article in Time Magazine touts the work of Dr. Jasper Smits who has developed a successful program using exercise as the primary treatment for depression, anxiety, and a variety of other mood disorders.  Americans currently spend around $10 billion a year for antidepressants, despite the fact that antidepressants may cause significant side effects.  In this health podcast, learn more about this study and the many natural health remedies for mood disorders if you, or someone you care about, is suffering from depression or anxiety.

Hospital Mistakes & Surgical Errors — Natural Health Podcast

Serious errors are taking place in hospitals everywhere because charts are misread and the medical staff you expect to take care of you isn't always paying attention. And some of the mistakes were made because of pre-surgical errors in the physician's office.  Listen to this health podcast for more information about protecting your health and your life during your next hospital experience!

Tanning Facts: The Dangers of Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is seen as the safer alternative to natural sunbathing and tanning beds. But studies show there are dangers of spray tanning users should know about before stepping into the shower stall. Jon Barron discusses the dangers of spray tanning and other tanning facts that might cause you to think twice about making, and faking, a sun-kissed look. 

Can Money Buy Happiness?


Can money buy happiness? Studies on money and happiness may provide some answers.

Study Links Bad fats to Poor Cognitive Abilities

A recent study conducted at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that the types of fats we eat affect memory and other types of brain functions.  Researchers analyzed over 6000 records of women who were at least 45-years-old at the time of the study. The women answered questions about their eating habits and also took a test of cognitive function in two-year intervals over a four-year time span.  

Energy Drink Side Effects and Prolonged Caffeine Intake

Before reaching for a Red Bull or Monster, you might want to consider possible energy drink side effects discussed in this installment of Healthy Trends podcast. While they may give you an instant rush, a recent study shows that they might make you rush to the dentist. Caffeine side effects are also discussed. 

Dr. Bob Carroll’s “Skeptic Dictionary” Attacks Alternative Medicine

Jon Barron brings up data supporting alternative medicine concepts and practices, which are dismissed by some as “pure nonsense" and "placebo" in Dr. Bob Carroll's Skeptic Dictionary.


The Meaning of Colors and the Evolution of Desire

Ladies--here's a question for you: When you're getting dressed for a night out, should you wear a slinky, black dress or the short, red number? Is one color more effective at signaling desire than the other? A color psychology study conducted at the University of Rochester show that red is the color of passion and even related to the evolution of desire. Find out what to wear (or not to) in this installment of Jon Barron's health podcast. 

Hospitalization linked to Dementia and Cognitive Decline

Considering that medical errors ranks as a third cause of death in the US and that one out of seven patients suffer harm during a hospital stay, the results of a new study on cognitive decline published by the journal Neurolgy become even more alarming. After one hospital stay of any length, overall cognitive decline for participants progressed twice as fast as before the hospital stay or compared to those who avoided hospitalization. The rate of dementia increased exponentially if the patient was older. Evidence of cognitive decline and senile dementia include long-term memory loss and inability to concentrate.   (more…)

Surgeons, Alcohol & Medical Negligence

A new report just published in the Archives of Surgery says that one out of every six US surgeons has a drinking problem.  The finding comes from a survey sent out to more than 25,000 surgeons, 7,000 of whom responded. Why are the drinking rates so high for surgeons, and what does this mean to you when you have to go in for surgery?  Find out in this podcast. 

Study on Behavior

Do you think the upper class has the upper hand when it comes to manners and politeness? Studies show that's not necessarily the case. 

Jon Barron and Joyce Riley Talk Dietary Supplements

Jon Barron guest stars in Joyce Riley's talk show, The Power Hour, and discusses the benefits of dietary supplements, overall nutrition and how it can affect a person's well-being, and the information found in Lessons From the Miracle Doctors. 

Recommended Sodium Intake & Hidden Dangers of Refined Salt

Reducing sodium in your diet is important, but knowing what type of sodium to reduce in your diet is more important.  Find out in this podcast how refined salt sneaks into your foods and what other supplements you should be taking to reduce the damage of highly refined salt.

New Obesity Study on Meal Portion Sizes

Obesity statistics in the US convey a sad story:  more than two-thirds of all adults over the age of 20 now qualify as overweight or obese.  Yet, in spite of the endless array of available diet programs, products, and the constant media coverage highlighting the dangers of being overweight, we keep getting fatter and fatter, with obesity rates still on the climb. While many blame a willpower deficit for the failure of 95 percent of all diet attempts, a series of new studies has shed some light on a few other possible reasons that all the diet knowledge in the universe doesn't seem to be making a dent. (more…)

Maintain Good Health With Detoxification

For years Jon Barron and his wife Kristen have started the new year off with a full body detox to maintain good health and prevention of disease!  In this health podcast Jon discusses why it is so important to detox, why a full body detox is necessary for good health and provides details on how to perform a colon detox, kidney detox/gallbladder flush, and blood cleansing/liver detox.

New Study On IQ

If you have taken an IQ test at some point in your life, whether at school or through an evaluation, the number you achieved way back when may not be the same number you would score today.  That's because IQs can change over the years, according to new research.  So instead of an IQ score being a benchmark of fixed intelligence that can be used as a predictor of success, it is really just a measurement of one "type" of intelligence at a randomly chosen point in time.

Death In Your Sleep

Shelley Adler, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, trained in medical anthropology research, has written a book called Sleep Paralysis: Nightmares, Nocebos, and the Mind-Body Connection.1  She makes a strong case for the incredible power of our mind and beliefs…and how they can even lead to death. (more…)

New Weight Loss Study

A recent obesity study out of Australia has concluded that when people lose weight, their metabolism automatically slows down and they experience hormonal changes that increase appetite. The researchers theorized that these changes, not portion size, the types of food eaten, or lack of exercise, etc., explain why most dieters so quickly gain back what they lost.  Or to put it in simpler terms; being overweight is not your fault. It's biology.

Study On Sperm and Junk Food

A recent study out of the Harvard School of Public Health, found that when men eat fatty, unhealthy food, their sperm lose the ability to move vigorously enough to make the journey all the way up the ovarian tube. A related study found that eating trans fats reduces sperm count. Added together, these facts seem to indicate that a junk food diet may lead men to male infertility. (more…)

New Cigarette Warning Labels

Pending legislation would force tobacco companies to attach very graphic warning labels, including disturbing images, to cigarette packages.

Fat Tax

By applying a tax to items like sugary drinks, greasy French fries, and foods such as cookies and doughnuts that have no nutritional value at all, the government would be making those foods more expensive and hopefully less appealing.

Mammograms Revisited

It is the expected norm within the medical community that women -- especially those over 40 or with a family history of breast cancer -- should get their annual mammography without fail.  But how effective of a tool is it in actually saving lives? According to a recent study by an international team of researchers at various European institutions, the answer is that it's not especially effective.  Breast cancer screening was not shown to have a major impact on the reduction of breast cancer mortality in the recent past.  While the mortality rates from breast cancer have certainly gone down in most developed countries in the last two decades, it would seem that the lower numbers might not be attributable to mammography.

Lack Of Exercise Leading Risk Factor For Alzheimer’s

A new study recently released by the University of California in San Francisco, suggests that the single biggest risk factor leading to Alzheimer's in the US is lack of exercise. Twenty-one percent of all instances of the disease, or 1.1 million cases, could be prevented if more people exercised regularly, according to the researchers.  Depression causes another 15 percent, says the study, smoking 11 percent, hypertension eight percent, obesity in midlife and low education each trigger seven percent, and diabetes correlates to three percent. (more…)

How To Improve Intelligence and Brain Function

Many scientists have long believed that a person's IQ is determined by their genes and therefore not subject to change.  But new research may prove that we can give our brains a workout that will actually improve our intelligence.  Listen to Jon's health podcast on how to obtain optimum brain function and mental health.

Consistently Unhealthy

Why is it that In the world of "scientific" medicine, deeply ingrained beliefs (e.g. flu shots, statin drugs, antidepressants, hormone replacement therapy, fluoridated water, and amalgam fillings) are seemingly beyond challenge -- no matter how much evidence you present to the contrary? 

Toxins In Plastic Containers

Most plastic wrap contains a substance called DEHA, which has properties similar to phthalates—those nasty components in BPA plastics. Like phthlates, DEHA acts as an endocrine disruptor in the body. Studies have linked it directly to liver tumors in mice, as well as to asthma in children and to a wide range of cancers. Listen to Jon Barron's health podcast to learn how to avoid these toxins that are so commonly in our plastic containers and take back control of your health!

Self-Control Study

Do we have an unlimited potential supply of self-control, or is it truly possible to use it up and just run out after a while?  New research is suggesting that, in fact, we may all have a limited supply -- different for each person, of course.  When you exert a lot of self-control in one situation, you may have less available for later.  Therefore, at least according to the research, it might make sense to choose the times you use your self-control wisely, so you're not depleted at the wrong time.

Is Your Brain Asleep?

A recent study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has shown that groups of neurons in the brain may actually go to sleep while the rest of the body is wide awake. It calls into question our whole concept of falling asleep, which is based on the idea that one minute you're awake, and the next you're sound asleep totally and completely.  This finding instead suggests that sleep comes when groupings of neurons in the brain synchronize and turn off at the same time.  But if that doesn't take place because you are not sleeping well or long enough, the neurons will turn off a few at a time -- leaving you awake but not fully functional.  Listen to Jon's health podcast where he reviews a new sleep study that gives us an intriguing look at how detrimental lack of sleep and exhaustion can be to your mental health! (more…)

Friendships At Work

Researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel recently reported that after following 820 adults over a 20-year period, it became clear that those who enjoyed good friendships at work had a significantly lower risk of dying from any cause.  The subjects came from a wide spectrum of industries, and the research controlled for factors that could influence mortality such as blood pressure, alcohol consumption, smoking habits, diet, pre-existing conditions, amount of exercise per week, and so on. (more…)

Spontaneous Foreign Accent

"FAS is a speech disorder that causes a sudden change to speech so that a native speaker is perceived to speak with a ‘foreign" accent. The change can come about as a result of stroke, a bop on the head, brain injury, migraine headache, multiple sclerosis, or apparently, anesthesia.

Reducing Pain By Cursing?

The appeal of analyzing our language has always captivated scientists, but now it seems to have transferred to the less acceptable aspects of our language as well. In fact, the researchers from Keele University in Great Britain have recently released their second consecutive study on the subject of swear words.  Find out if swearing can ease pain in this podcast... (more…)

New Aspirin Study

The latest research indicates that the use of as little as one aspirin tablet a month may provide a significant decrease in pancreatic cancer risk, at least according to the results of a case-control study presented just a couple of weeks ago at the American Association of Cancer Research 102nd Annual Meeting.  When most people think of aspirin now, they no longer think of pain relief first; they think heart health. But the truth is that aspirin's heart associated benefits, although blindly accepted as fact, are not necessarily as "clean" as you have been led to believe.  Listen to Jon Barron's latest podcast covering this new study which explores the pro's and con's of taking aspirin and hear what Jon has to say about natural health remedies that are much healthier and safer for your body!

Disaster Planning For Nuclear Fallout — Part II

There is some degree of risk, no matter how small, that substantial amounts of radiation may leak from one or more of the Japanese reactors, make its way into the upper atmosphere or down into the water, and ultimately affect the United States and the rest of the world. The amount of exposure to citizens outside of Japan would ultimately be small; but unfortunately, in the case of some types of radiation, small amounts of radiation exposure -- from meat, dairy, water -- can still have health consequences, particularly for the vulnerable. In this Part II Podcast series on Japan's Nuclear Reactors, learn what you can do to protect yourself from nuclear fallout.

Japan’s Nuclear Reactors & Radioactive Dangers — Part I

In this segment, Jon Barron's health podcast discusses the recent Japanese nuclear incidents, which Jon points out are unlikely to have any significant health consequences outside of Japan. However low risk is not no risk – so Jon details how a natural detox program can provide a level of protection against radioactive fallout.  Listen for more information about radioactive elements, what you need to know about radioactive iodine, how to take Iodide if ever needed, how to avoid hypothyroidism, and what other natural health precautions you might want to take -- for yourself and your children -- if nuclear fallout from Japan ever becomes a health hazard in your area.

Technology vs Human Intimacy

Observational studies from an article in New York Magazine entitled "He's Just Not That Into Anyone," author Davy Rothbart cites plenty of anecdotal evidence to back up his contention that men are literally "losing it" to their online escapades. He cites numerous interviews with men who can no longer get stimulated by real women. The thing is, it isn't only in the area of sex that technology has moved into the territory of human intimacy, there already are pet robots in circulation as comfort toys in nursing homes and scientists currently are working on creating mechanical nurses.

Successful Placebos

A recent study conducted by scientists at Harvard University proves that placebos can be effective treatment tools without having to deceive patients. Needless to say, if a harmless placebo can do the trick -- whether it's because of the power of positive thinking or the reassurance of carrying out a medical routine endorsed by a health care provider -- that is a better option than taking a prescription drug that may have you feeling worse than the original illness. 

Frying Fish Study

It's common knowledge that eating fish is good for your heart.  Studies now show that the way you prepare the fish you eat may actually be more important than the fish itself.  A new study, conducted by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, found that those who live in America's "stroke belt" -- where the mortality rate from stroke is more than 10 percent higher than the rest of the country -- may face this increased risk at least partially because of their greater intake of fried fish.  What kinds of oils can you use to cook with?  Learn more with this natural health podcast on frying fish and heart health!

Digital Gadgetry

Forward-thinking scientists in England at St. George's University of London are creating a method of STD testing.  This device, approximately the same size as a USB chip, is put into contact with the user's urine or saliva and then connected to a cell phone or computer.  If it is positive, the readout tells the user whether it they have contracted an STD, which one it is, and what to do for treatment.  Listen to this health podcast for more in depth information about protecting your sexual health with this new digital gadgetry!

Sibling Rankings & IQ Factors

Studies show that the oldest child in a family typically scores higher on IQ tests than the children born after him or her. Each level down in birth order corresponds to diminishing IQ. In other words, the third-born scores lower than the second, the fourth-born lower than the third. Plus, the IQ-factor transfers over to academic aptitude. Learn more about birth order studies with this health podcast!

Taste Buds & Loud Noise

A new study out of the United Kingdom has shown that loud background noise can actually affect the way we taste things, lessening our sensitivity to the flavor. Listen to this show and find out what you can do to protect your digestive health, especially if you dine out regularly.

Video Gaming For Mental Health?

Action video games are actually proving to enhance decision-making abilities that carry over into real life. Learn about fascinating new ways to strengthen your mental health with this natural health podcast!

Strengthen Immune System Through Massage

Swedish massage has recently been shown to strengthen the immune system — just minutes after the very first session. Listen to this natural health podcast for more in-depth information about how to utilize massage for more than just relaxation.

FDA, An Objective View

In this podcast, Jon Barron looks at both sides of the FDA issue when dealing with FDA's tactics. Learn what new restrictions are being reinforced within the natural health industry and how their approach, given their staff limitations and "influences," affects their decisions. (more…)

Vegetables Study

According to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 26% of the adult population eats vegetables - despite a ten year effort by the federal government to get Americans to eat more of them.  Listen to full health podcast of how this impacts our health as a nation...

Gastric Bypass Surgery & Malnutrition

As obesity rates climb in Western cultures, so do the rates of those going under the knife to fight the fat, but with significant health side effects.   In this audio health podcast, learn why so many people are hastily electing for this surgery, as well as the risks associated with gastric bypass surgery.  Listen to why Jon prefers a systemic approach to natural weight loss.

Colors & Your Health

Research has shown that the color red can affect metabolism, respiration, and blood pressure and even improve sports performance in athletes. A recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association is teaching us something new about the color, something sexy.  Learn how this research correlates to the odds of you being healthy and living a long life, or one of the many who suffer from disease.

What Sugar is Really Healthy?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) says we're using less high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). However, the problem is that while high fructose corn syrup consumption is down, overall sugar consumption grew to about 140 pounds per person per year in the U.S., a 20% jump since 1970.  Understand what sugars are healthy to eat in this health podcast.

Deadly Month For Hospitals

A study from the University of California at San Diego has found that July is the deadliest month for hospital errors.  Find out why this may be happening and what you can do to protect yourself with this health podcast!

Heartburn, Ulcer & Acid Reflux Medications

The FDA issued a warning to consumers that high doses or long-term use of proton pump inhibitors may increase the risk of fractures of the wrist, hip or spine. Proton inhibitors are drugs that suppress the secretion of stomach acid and are used in the treatment of peptic ulcers, acid reflux, frequent heartburn, and associated conditions. By suppressing the secretion of stomach acid, proton pump inhibitors reduce the body’s ability to absorb minerals. Stomach acid — specifically, hydrochloric acid (HCL) — plays a critical role in separating minerals from the foods that bind them. Unfortunately, dietary supplements don’t compensate for those lost minerals because low HCL levels allow the minerals to combine with other substances, and so they become more difficult for the body to absorb. Low HCL levels particularly inhibit the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium, making deficiencies a highly likely outcome of long-term proton inhibitor use. Learn more about digestive health and natural alternatives for acid reflux with this health podcast.

The Effects Of Chocolate

There are more than 600 chemicals in chocolate, and some of them influence the level of feel-good brain chemicals. Studies have shown that chocolate stimulates the release of dopamine, otherwise known as the "love" hormone, and serotonin, which eases pain. Listen to this health podcast for more information about the impact of chocolate on mood and the natural alternatives that are much healthier for you.

Mediterranean Diet & Alzheimer’s

Currently, about 5.3 million people in the US have Alzheimer's Disease. A new study states, "Epidemiological evidence linking diet, one of the most important modifiable environmental factors, and risk of Alzheimer's disease is rapidly increasing." Understand the significance of this study and arm yourself with information about mental health & Alzheimer's with this health podcast.

Prostate Cancer & PSA Testing

The annual bill for PSA screening in the U.S. is $3 billion, even though the test "is hardly more effective than a coin toss."  Learn the truth about PSA testing, what tests will give you more accurate results concerning your prostate health, and about alternative cancer therapies with this health podcast.

Addicted To Junk Food?

A new study led by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida revealed just how extraordinarily addictive junk food actually is. In essence, the researchers found that junk foods exert an addictive pull as powerful as that conferred by the most highly addictive narcotic drugs. Understand the implications of what this study reveals about the brain, eating habits, and obesity in this latest health podcast.

Sleep Factors & Bedtime Routines

Are you able to get a good night's sleep on a regular basis? The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey asking 1,000 whites, African Americans, Asians, and Hispanics between the ages of 25 and 60 about their sleep and bedtime routines. Results showed that while all groups report that they don't get enough sleep, there were interesting differences among ethnicities. Find out what techniques benefit sleep and what issues have been found to stifle sleeping habits.

Food Portions & Overeating

Is your size expanding due to the increasing portion sizes? In fact, everything food-related has gotten bigger in the past 20 years, from dinner plate sizes to the amount of calories in bagels. With the more people saving time by eating out, how do you protect yourself from this unhealthy industry trend? Arm yourself with Jon's empowering information on natural weight control in this podcast, and avoid becoming an obesity statistic.

Does Bisphenol-A (BPA) Link to Heart Disease?

A new study reveals that the chemical being added to plastics – bisphenol-A (BPA) – links directly to coronary heart disease, diabetes, and an increase in liver enzymes. While public awareness has increased, it is still pertinent that we understand the health risks of bisphenol-A and what to avoid, until the FDA starts implementing serious guidelines around the use of this dangerous chemical.

Grandparents, Childhood Obesity, & Natural Weight Control

Childhood obesity has been a hot topic in the media lately, but a recent study suggested that children raised by their grandparents fulltime had a 34% increased risk of being overweight! Could the study be accurate or does this bring new meaning to spoiling children in an effort to aid in their mental and emotional health, ultimately putting the child's physical health at risk?

Metformin for Weight Loss & Diabetes?

Is off label drug use of Metformin for weight loss in diabetic teens proving beneficial? While a 5-10 lb temporary weight loss is seen when Metformin is used with fitness and proper diet, the side effects may create worse conditions than what the teens were experiencing previously. Not to mention that the teens immediately regained those pounds back.  For natural health remedies on diabetes as well as long-term, natural weight loss, you won't want to miss this health podcast!

Childhood Abuse Lead To Obesity?

As obesity rates triple since 1980, researchers are scrambling to find a link to this global epidemic. Now new research links obesity to physical and emotional abuse-increasing the risk by almost 30%! But, could there be a surge of abuse in just 20 years? Find out what is truly going on in this latest health podcast from Jon Barron. (more…)

Mammogram Debate – Do they save lives?

Are annual mammograms still the recommended screening guideline?  Find out why this is up for debate among doctors, the dangers of mammograms, and other screening methods & alternative cancer therapies that your doctor never tells you about.

Emotions & Natural Weight Loss

Can healthy dieting and natural weight control be linked to your emotional state? Find out why most weight loss programs don't work. Learn what does work, such as healthy weight control habits.

Should Diabetes Concern You?

As diabetes rates escalate, our medical care system will be unable to handle this global health issue. Take control of your health through lifestyle modifications, juicing, detoxing, and natural methods for regulating blood sugar metabolism. Learn Jon's keys tips that are twice as effective as drugs and have no side-effects.

Criminal Responsibility for Obese Kids?

Parents are losing their obese kids to foster care, but are they really the ones to blame for growing obesity rates when the government subsidizes the foods that make us sick, and the food industry markets these foods as cheap alternatives to healthy food?

Ten Sickening Foods

Jon Barron debunks The CSPI's report which lists the 10 foods most likely to make you sick — such as Leafy greens for salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus. However, the real digits reveal that organizations, jurisdictions, misrepresentation, and contamination are more to blame than the actual food itself. Don't be fooled; instead, eat well and learn what probiotics and colon detox products can do.

Gardasil Vaccine for Boys

With some clever marketing by a big pharmaceutical company, the medical community and the FDA are convinced young boys need to take the Gardasil vaccine, but how safe is it really? Listen while Jon Barron uncovers the truth. (more…)

Do Showerheads Spread Disease?

Find out what harmful bacteria is lurking in your shower and how you can prevent it from causing nasty lung infections and breathing problems.  Learn about natural health remedies for a strong immune system in this natural health podcast.

Rocket Fuel In Your Drinking Water

What's considered to be safe in your water today could be hazardous to your health tomorrow. How do you remove toxins from your water and why are Catalyst Altered Trace Minerals™ vital to your body?

Study Says Organic Foods Not Better

Should you buy organic? New British research implies that consumers are wasting their money on organic produce. In this stunning podcast, learn about the study's faulty methodology, the biased reporting, and discover the truth behind the research.

Strenuous Exercise Increases Dementia Risk in Women

The benefits of exercise are profound. However, how much should you exercise to stay in the "magic zone" where the body gains resistance and the brain resists decay? Listen to Jon's details on healthy exercise and natural anti-aging! (more…)

Coffee and Alzheimer’s

If new research suggests that coffee may help prevent and reduce Alzheimer's disease, what are the risks? Learn the positive and negative aspects of caffeine and what supplements prolong and protect your brain health.

Are Cancer Rates Rising?

Despite the "war on cancer," new research suggests that cancer is rising: 5% increase for men and 6% increase for women.  Learn how you can prevent this growing trend through alternative cancer therapies including diet and nutrition, lifestyle changes, blood cleansing, intestinal cleansing, juice fasting, and more.

Food Wrapper Chemicals

Learn about the unavoidable chemical, diPAP that contaminates humans and the environment for decades. Is it possible to take control of your health when this chemical is so widespread?

Near Death Experiences

Could a 'near death experience' actually be a result of an overly active imagination or simple physiology? Jon discusses how science defines death as the absence of brain activity and introduces us to a new large scale study being done on the brains of patients who have survived cardiac arrest.

Cheerios Cereal ‘Claims’

The FDA issued a warning to General Mills for the claim made on their Cheerios box stating that it lowers cholesterol. Understand how the implications of this warning creates an exact reflection of the difficulties mainstream America and Europe encounter with dietary supplements, foods, and other natural health remedies.

Swine Flu — H1N1

If you are feeling fearful or confused about the most recent pandemic with Swine Flu (H1N1), you won't want to miss this segment! Understand what H1N1 is, how to reduce your risk of being infected, what you can do naturally to prevent or reverse your symptoms, and how to properly prepare yourself with natural immune system boosters and anti-virals for the next flu season.

Bed Bug Infestations

Bed Bugs are making a come back now that DDT has been banned. What can you do as preventative measures to keep your family from being infested? Jon educates us about why this is happening, how to tell if your home is being invaded, and what you can do about it without using pesticides, which have long term health consequences.

Red Meat Research

Two new studies about meat consumption showed misleading results which heavily confused the public. Find out what level of red and processed meat consumption is acceptable for a balanced diet to avoid increased risk of heart failure, cancer, and other cardiovascular problems.

Carcinogens In Baby Products

Were you aware that 80% of major brand name companies include carcinogens within their baby products? Learn to identify which contaminants to avoid, in which products, to protect your children from major health issues. (more…)

Microbes for Health

What are microbes and why are they so important for optimal health?  Jon discusses theories about beneficial bacteria and the misconceptions that deter us from proper use of functional foods, dietary supplements, and natural health remedies.

New Supplement Testing Bill

While alternative health certainly needs to be regulated, it doesn't need to be regulated by people who don't know anything about it.  Find out what this new natural product testing bill means to the alternative health industry and the likelihood of it being passed.

3rd Hand Smoke

Everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking and even second hand smoke, but are you aware of the dangers concerned with third hand smoke? Find out what this new theory suggests and how you and your family can avoid toxicity at this level.

Healthcare Confusion

People want to know what Politicians are going to do about the critical state of healthcare and the spiking trends in disease. Until the dust settles we can educate ourselves with a few simple disease prevention techniques that will bring huge benefits and allow you to take back control of your health.

‘Off Label’ Prescribing

What is happening within the medical and pharmaceutical industries with off label prescribing?  Listen to this natural health podcast and make sure you don't find yourself taking an antidepressant for insomnia, or worse.

How To Detox Your Kidneys

Kidney problems have continued to soar to paramount levels and a specified kidney detox has become pertinent for disease prevention. In this segment you will learn why it's necessary and how to safely perform a kidney detox with natural ingredients. (more…)

Flawed Studies on Vitamin E

Studies on Vitamin E, cardiovascular disease, and heart health have been released earlier this month; however, the results are flawed. Why? Jon Barron reveals the truth about the study on this dietary supplement and provides powerful knowledge about heart health. (more…)

Google Tracks Flu Trends

How is Google planning to educate the general public on flu trends?  Be aware of the benefits vs. the concerns so that you are prepared for this new source of information and are able to keep a strong immune system if the flu is near you.  

FDA PR & A New Obesity Study

How is the FDA doing in their effort to polish their PR image? Get the amazing facts! In his constant effort to empower people, Jon Barron reviews another recent study on how brain health relates to obesity.

Is High Fructose Corn Syrup Natural?

The core message of new corn syrup advertisements is misrepresenting facts to the general public. Understand what they mean by 'natural' properties of corn syrup and guard yourself with the truth about the newest trend in health and diet.

Broccoli & Mediterranean Diet

Broccoli research is finding that this phenomenal wonderfood is not only delicious, but it has preventative effects when used regularly in the diet. Listen here for Jon's tips about creating a truly balanced and healthy diet for optimum health.

Arthritis Study

Why are studies claiming that half of Americans will have arthritis of the knee by the time they are in their 80's? Jon Barron sheds some light on the validity of the study and what preventative steps can be taken to reduce the debilitating risks. (more…)

Irradiated Fresh Produce, Radura

What is "Radura" and what is the FDA considering as a proposal for the mandatory radiation of all fresh produce? Prepare yourself for the implications of this proposal and know what to look for in labeling to avoid irradiated produce and meat products while you still have the choice.

Hypertension in Kids

Elementary school kids are now at risk of high blood pressure. Find out what activities your children should avoid and what you should do to keep your kids healthy!

Nutritional Know How’s

If our medical doctors do not have the ability to teach us the importance of basic health and nutrition, how should the public be expected to safely utilize natural alternatives? Arm yourself with this segment as Jon Barron unveils important studies and simple natural health alternatives that have been well known for decades.

Increased Calorie Intake

What are studies now showing about excess weight gain, obesity and increased caloric intake? Find out what has changed in our diets that created this battle and what simple adjustments can be made to protect your health against dangerous caloric intake levels and create natural weight loss.

FDA & Pharmaceutical Agendas

Steady restrictions by the FDA could affect your ability to intelligently purchase health and nutritional products, while the pharmaceutical agencies are not being subjected to the same regulations. Find out how people are reacting and what you can do to keep your health, with this Q&A session with Jon Barron!

Doctors Addicted To Drugs

According to conservative estimates, an astounding 7% of practicing physicians are drug addicted, particularly to alcohol, benzodiazepines, an assortment of opiates, and cocaine. Learn how to protect yourself the next time you step foot in your doctors office.

Hypertension Diet

According to a new study, your blood pressure and heart health are now within your control! Understand how your health and diet play a bigger part than genetics when trying to stabilize hypertension, high blood pressure, and your body's response to your dietary intake.

Pasteurized Foods

The CDC's latest report on food borne illnesses recommends to avoid consuming unpasteurized milk, avoid under cooked eggs, poultry, oysters and ground meat. Find out why this report is misleading the public.

Pace Maker Hacking & Water Contaminants

The new trend of placing wireless, implantable pace makers are found to be vulnerable to hacking. Understand the truth about new safety warnings so that you can protect yourself from harm and furthermore, what you can do to naturally repair cardiac problems. 

Off Label Drugs

Understand what 'off label drugs' are and how the FDA handles prescription medications under this umbrella. Protect yourself, and your family, from unneccesary risks when prescribed to take a pharmaceutical that hasn't been tested for that particular syndrome or disease.

Carbon Monoxide Preservative on Meats

Why is carbon monoxide being used as a preservative? New techniques have surfaced to disguise the quality of meat in your grocery store. Learn how to protect you and your family from unncessary illness from rancid meats.

Fish & Mercury

Are you concerned about Heavy Metal Toxicity? Arm yourself with powerful knowledge about the repercussions of heavy metals in our diets, understand where they are coming from and learn what natural sources will help to remove these dangerous toxins!


A study done out of the University of Chicago, found that on average 45% of physicians prescribe placebos regularly. This segment educates us on how to avoid becoming a part of that statistic, explains why they are doing this and prepares us for the next time we need to see a doctor.

Politicians Mandating Health Issues

New Jersey recently passed a resolution requiring that children over 6 months of age who attend public schools or day care, are required to have flu shots before they begin. Are we giving politicians control of our health freedoms? Learn what you can do about it with this power punched segment!

Sleep Studies Revealed

Could a lack of, or too much sleep be linked to illness? And are sleeping pills really doing what they promise? Understand how the different stages of sleep effect the body and educate yourself on which natural health alternatives are safe to use.

Refined vs. Whole Grains

A lot of subtleties are being lost in recent studies that are lumping all grains together. Jon exposes the extensive differences between these two grains and explains how to make healthy choices for ourselves despite being told the incomplete story by the media.

Positive Thoughts & Immune System Health

Does having a positive attitude impact survival for people with cancer? Is it misleading to think that positive thinking could boost and improve your immune system while receiving chemotherapy treatments? Jon reviews the studies that are creating misunderstandings in both the alternative health industry and medical establishments.

Full Body Detoxification

With toxins and disease running rampant in our lives, the masses are looking for a trusted way to safely perform a full body detox program. Jon explains why the Baseline of Health® Foundation's Annual Detox Event has become a safe haven for local and international participants alike. Learn how and why this detox program and event became so successful and how you can take back control of your health too!

Blood Transfusion Risks

Clinical studies confirm that receiving a blood transfusion increases your risk of having a heart attack! Understand why they may be doing more harm than good and how you can avoid putting yourself at risk.

How To Detox Safely

Understand why heavy metal detoxification is so important, why intestinal cleansing and detoxification has to be the first step, how to safely perform a kidney and gallbladder flush, and why a liver and blood detox can dramatically improve your health.

Depression Trend

Jon discusses headlines stating that "depression may be the world's most disabling disease" by discussing why antidepressant trends are on the rise. Discover how to correct the source of imbalance before trying to force the depression away using pharmaceutical drugs.

Exposing Stevia

Why does the FDA allow Stevia as a supplement, but is claiming it to be unsafe as a 'food' or sweetener? Despite it being one of the most extensively tested alternative sweeteners on the market the FDA still carries major objections, learn why!

Olive Oil Misconceptions

Is Olive oil as bad as the latest media statements want us to believe? Reader's Digest recently published an article which gave rise to many concerns about the risk of olive oil and heart health. Learn how to differentiate between healthy oils and fats, which can prove to be beneficial to your heart, and unmask the holes in the study that created such confusion.

Fruits, Vegetables and Vitamin C Research

Jon discusses the studies trying to disprove the value of fruits, vegetables and Vitamin C by assessing high-glycemic, processed foods instead of organics. Is there any truth to this misdirected study and how do you protect your own health from the advice given through main stream media?

High Blood Pressure

How are high blood pressure and the medications that are prescribed affecting your body? Learn how to manage blood pressure naturally and avoid the devastating effects of current blood pressure medication.

Anti-Depressants Unveiled

Discover what current studies are revealing about pharmaceutical anti-depressants and why they have such significant physiological impact on the human body. Jon unveils how to avoid being caught in the overly prescribed net of medical attention for mental disorders and stress related diseases.

Universal Healthcare Coverage

Will universal healthcare coverage reduce our quality and attention of care? Find out what is being considered and what is not in this shocking look at the state of future healthcare plans.

Grief & Chronic Pain

New Healthcare Policies

No existing healthcare system today will survive the coming healthcare crisis. Jon reveals why projected disease statistics are soaring and how to avoid severe harm from the rise of new medical policies.

Prostate Cancer & Supplement Use

Could multivitamins and supplements harm your prostate? Jon dissects what current studies are revealing and explains how to make educated decisions about what you take for disease prevention.


Looking for natural health alternative remedies to short-term depression and anxiety? Learn how antidepressants can harm our health and what new research on alternative remedies reveals…

New FDA Labeling Guidelines

Jon discusses the urgency in understanding new regulations regarding alternative health, supplements and practices. What are the implications behind the latest 'Guidance Document' by the FDA?

Understanding ‘Diet’ 2

Healthy balanced diets are not only misunderstood, but their misconceptions further debilitate you in achieving your goals--from weight loss to optimum wellness. Jon dispels the confusion and discusses preventative foods and supplements that support healthy eating habits.

Battle of the Diets

Does your diet REALLY work? Clarifying the distortions and failures behind popular ‘diet plans,' Jon reveals the real secret behind a long-term, healthy weight loss program. (more…)

Exercise for Building Health

Listen as Jon explains that exercise is not just for building strength, it is one of the most important components for disease prevention and building natural health.

Government Legislature & Health Freedoms

The seriousness of being proactive about your health is crucial today, especially as the Government legislates mandated vaccines that could reduce our right to have choices in natural supplementation.

Cleansing & Detoxification, Part 1

Cleansing & Detoxification Part 2

SPECIAL ISSUE: International Detox Event

Learn why it's necessary to detox, how to detox properly, what happens during the detox, and the many benefits of doing the Baseline of Health® Natural Detox Program.

Osteoporosis & Hormone Replacement Therapy

Learn the pitfalls of hormone replacement therapy for reducing Osteoporosis and how specific natural alternatives and dietary restrictions can build bone density for prevention.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Learn why Alzheimer's and Dementia appear to be our next big medical terrors, the difference between the two diseases, risk factors and disease prevention.

Antioxidants in the News

Jon discusses why we need a full spectrum of Antioxidants in our diets to prevent general decay in the body, and how to obtain them through foods and high-quality supplementation.

FDA Approved Bacteria Killing Virus For Our Food

Understand why the FDA has put this new ‘technique' into effect and learn how to be prepared for the possibility of a large outbreak of disease due to new bacterial mutations in our foods.

Allergies & Asthma in Children

Incidence rates are increasing worldwide for allergies and asthma in children. Listen to Jon as he discusses what's happening as a byproduct of the quality of life we live today and what we can do to prevent life threatening conditions in our children.

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

Overexposure of high fructose corn syrup in many foods and beverages is one of the main triggers of rising obesity and diabetes today. (more…)

Pharmaceutical Drugs & the FDA

This extremely intriguing segment reviews a survey released about the FDA routinely pressuring scientists to alter or suppress negative findings for Pharmaceutical drugs. Learn how to be cautious, do your research and take responsibility of your own health. (more…)

Positive Attitude & Disease Prevention

Because the brain is wired to every organ in our body, positive thinking and your thoughts directly correlate to disease prevention and optimum health.

Cancer & Immunity

Learn how cancer, immunity, disease and most major illness are all interrelated.

Toxins & Health

Jon and Romel discuss the issue of toxicity in children and adults alike, along with reviewing why cleansing and detoxification is so important as disease prevention.

Balanced Diets & Junk Foods

Jon Barron discusses a new story in the news about how diet & nutritional values have shifted in all the major cities of China, not unlike many major cities in the US.  Protect yourself from the misinformation that goes with new nutritional fads and why people all over the world are turning to quick, fast foods over fresh, home made meals with this health podcast.

Sale Of Sugar Sodas In Schools

Jon Barron discusses the new headlines about sodas being replaced in schools with tea's, artificially sweetened & sport drinks.  Understand what soda does to your health, from the risks of diabetes to osteoporosis, how much sugar is really in them, and how to protect yourself from the misinformation being passed around with regards to these 'healthy beverages' as replacements.